Would You Be Comfortable Telling Your Job Your Weight & Body Fat Levels?


Weigh in or pay a fine.

CVS Caremark has just issued a new policy that requires employees who utilize the companies’ health care insurance plan to report their weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

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According to reports, the retail giant will penalize employees who choose not to release their personal health records with an additional $600-a-year payment, which will be collected by a monthly fine of $50.

“Our benefits program is evolving to help our colleagues take more responsibility for improving their health and managing health-associated costs,” a spokesperson for the drugstore chain said in a statement.

Smokers are also a target with the new health coverage policy. “You must either be tobacco-free by May 1, 2014, or participate in the WebMD tobacco cessation program,” the company said.

CVS, which has 200,000 employees, is giving its workers until the beginning of May to submit the information and sign a form saying the screening is voluntary.

What do you think of CVS’s new policy? Would you be comfortable revealing your weight to your employer?



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