Chris Brown yells gay slurs again?


Once again, all eyes are on Chris Brown. The “Look at Me Now” singer supposedly yelled gay slurs for the second time within the last month. However, Chris is saying it wasn’t him.

So, whom should we believe?

Star magazine first ran a story about Breezy yelling, “That’s gay” and “You’re a faggot” while playing a game of pickup basketball in their July 25 issue. According to an eyewitness, Chris got angry when the game didn’t go his way and yelled the homophobic remarks at other players.

Chris’s camp is saying these reports are completely untrue. Breezy’s people claim that a photo the magazine printed of Chris on the court was taken in New York on another day. In fact, they argue that it was shot back in March the day after his albumF.A.M.E was released. They say Chris was actually in Los Angeles filming the video for his next single, “Body to Body,” on the day in question.

“A totally fictitious article ran in the current Star magazine accusing our client Chris Brown of doing something that he did not do,” Chris’ rep told

Breezy’s management is even considering taking legal action against the publication for defamation of character. “Unfortunately this bogus account is being picked up by additional media outlets,” the rep said. “We stand behind our client and want to set the record straight that this did not happen.”

Although Chris’s camp is denying the allegations, the communications director of the Human Rights Campaign still had something to say. Michael Cole-Schwartz told Radar Online that these kinds of slurs are just unacceptable.

“When words like these are so commonly used they become acceptable and that’s not right,” Michael said. “One of the reasons why these slurs have become so common in schools and other places is because role models, like Chris Brown, engage in these activities and use these words. It needs to stop.”

We know from history that Chris Brown has no problem admitting when he is wrong. Back in June, he apologized for calling the paparazzi “gay;” in 2009, he publically apologized for assault. However, he has yet to say “I’m sorry” for this supposed incident and his camp claims that Star never contacted them to request comment or confirmation before printing the story.

— Myeisha Essex


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