Hakim drops club banger


The good, the bad, the ugly, and reality is how Hakim, a Bronx-bred rapper fresh on the scene, describes his music. His first single, “Baby Shake That Thing,” is club banger and he says whether you’re a guy or girl everyone can relate letting loose and simply having a good time.

And having a good time is what this 24-year-old is doing.  His music influences not only stem from hip-hop, but jazz and rock’n’roll.  His debut album Unlimited Presents Hakim is yet to have a release date but until then you can look forward to his mixtape which is set to drop this summer.

Hakim started his music at a young age. In 1998, he and his then-rap partner, Strategy, formed the rap duo Unlimited.  One of their first performances was at the Apollo Theatre. After his partner was sent to prison on a burglary charge, Hakim set to conquer the music world solo.

Still, Hakim has had some struggles of his own. He was both shot and stabbed, but he said the incidents made him appreciate life and set out to follow his dreams. Before, Hakim said he was just having fun, or in his words “flirting with the music.” After recovering and opening up his very own auto shop, which he still runs today, he realized he wanted to pursue music full-time.

And as far has the ladies, music is the only thing that the good-looking, independent artist is flirting with these days. He said he’s single and enjoying the good feedback from the streets. He’s focused. In five years, he wants to see himself still making the music he loves but on a major label. But, ladies if you want to reach him, you can find him on Twitter @ darealhakim.

— Myeisha Essex



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